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14 weeks is how many months pregnant Spy cams nude Vintage valentine's day cards

14 weeks is how many months pregnant

14 weeks is how many months pregnant, Spy cams nude, Vintage valentine's day cards

14 weeks is how many months pregnant

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Vintage valentine's day cards

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Me and this guy are starting a LDR and he's ready good at sexting but I'm not there yet, and I really want to give him what he gives me but I'm not sure how...

just let flow! don’t overthink it and just say what you’re thinking and feeling.

it helps to visualize what you want to do to your partner and picture yourself actually being there with them. it’s what I do 😊

I'm recently single and very in love with my ex boyfriend still but trying to get on with my life. I've never been one to hook up and I have a vibrator which absolutely rocks but I think I want a person like a FWB to do stuff with. But I'm sort of kinky and I don't know if I should go to an old friend or try to meet someone new. I don't want it to come back to me but I do kind of want friendship and cuddling afterward just not a relationship.

it’s entirely up to you!

the one good thing about using an old friend for a FWB is that you already know them pretty well so trust is already established (or at least a little bit).

it can also be exciting to meet someone new though too! whatever you’re most comfortable with.

You know, that is the problem. I cannot please myself and he cannot pleasse me as well. I tried and even my partner to stimulate my clitoris. Doesnt help. Even when i masturbate, nothing happens...

maybe it’s a medical issue?

Love you and your blog! You're one of the nicest guys and your girlfriend is very lucky to have an amazing guy like you!

thank you! ☺️

you’re too kind friend

Say something hot!!!!!!! ;)

pinning her against the wall, her arms held behind her back, he pressed his mouth to her ear and told her not to make a sound. he pressed himself against her, grinding hard against her ass, his mouth on her neck, gently kissing and biting downward across her shoulder. running a hand down the length of her body, curving around her hip before slipping between her legs, he pressed his hand against her pussy, feeling her wetness. she let out a whimper upon feeling a finger enter her slowly. he pressed his mouth to her ear once more. “you’re mine tonight” he whispered, then guided her towards the bedroom…..

I'm a girl, 20 y/o. I haven't had sex yet (even though I masturbate regularly because I like to please myself). I only want to have sex with someone for whom I truly feel something, even if it's a crush. I don't want it to be with a random person. My life has been really atribulated lately, so I can't see myself getting involved with anyone for now. I'm afraid in the future I'll end up with an experienced person who'll look down on me for being a virgin on my late 20's. What should I do?

honestly, any person who looks down on you for being a virgin isn’t someone you want to give away your virginity to.

it’s admirable that you want to wait because it’s special to you. hold onto that if it’s something that’s important.

I am 19 y/o girl and I've been with my bf for 10 months. So we've slept with each other for about 15 times. I love him very much and we have really great relationship, but he can't make me cum and I never had an orgasm.....

try stimulating your clitoris (or have him do it) during intercourse.

Hi! Hope you are well! Love your blog! Anyway, I went down on this guy and he had a plastic ring around his dick and balls. Do you have any idea what that could be?

they were likely cock rings. they help with keeping an erection.

great inventions :)

Are you seriously a guy? Aren't you a girl pretending to be a guy?Because, all the advices you give are amazing and they are sweet sometimes, and, I don't know, it's just maybe because all the guys I know are completely idiots.

I’m 1000% male lmao

What to do with an inverted nipple ? :(

you can have plastic surgery to change it OR you can just accept it and move on with your life.

I'm a virgin me and my bf tried having sex but his Dick wouldnt fit in me I'm really tight can I do anything to help

try using lube! it’s your friend :)